How I work

  • I work part time on a Monday (9-3), Wednesday (9 - 3) and Thursday (9-1)

  • If you email me outside of this time, I won't be able to get back to you until I'm next at work, unless it’s urgent

  • I try not to pick up emails in the evening or at weekends, we all need more time away from screens

  • Of course urgent stuff comes up, that's no problem, but call me, just to warn you there will most likely be two small people in the background!

  • We all send and receieve too many emails. Inspired by Matt at Platypus (aka the charity chap), I'm trying to reduce my emails. This means:

    • I'm not going to reply to say thanks

    • Please don't apologise for taking ages to get back to me, we are all busy

    • I'd much rather have a quick chat and use email to confirm something. Feel free to phone me at anytime when I’m working.